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Creative Strategy & Design

We support clients in crafting best-in-class experiences. We choreograph engagements across physical and digital product and service touchpoints, lead with the moments that have the greatest impact, and refine the details through execution.


Startups & Corporates

We’ve worked with companies across the globe to create experiences that matter. Whether you’re a large corporate or a nimble startup, we’ll find an approach that fits your need and your budget.

Our Network

The Best People & Partners

Artificial Design is Shannon E. Thomas and her network. Shannon is a user experience designer and creative director with over ten years of global design experience. For the past five years she ran her own agency. Now freelance, Shannon relies on a carefully curated a network of freelancers and small agencies that can do just about anything.

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Articles, Notes, & Other Things

I am currently writing The Experience Designer’s Guidebook. More on that soon…

In the meantime, how about a few blogposts?

One Simple Rule

Always Make Things Better

With every interaction I have with the world, I am to leave things better than I found them. I’ll pick up litter from the ground or organize books on a shelf. More importantly, when it comes to my work, I’m always seeking ways to improve processes, teams, and of course the work itself.