Week 210: Milestones

| Hans Gerwitz

Two major milestones were passed last week. First, we have found someone who is both a culture fit and qualified to be an Artificial studio manager. Hopefully this will free Shannon and me to write more, here and elsewhere.

We also opened an account with a local spirits distributor, which means we now can stock high-quality mezcal, Scrappy’s, and other heretofore unavailable ingredients for our cocktails.

This week, we wrapped up the core UX design phase of another connected device project, just in time for product development to be paused. Everyone is confident it will be back and the effect on us in minimal. It’s still disappointing to see a good team with a genuinely innovative and believable product struggle for support. Our portfolio, likewise, will have to wait that much longer before we can talk about our work.

But we also took shipment of the sample connected device for an upcoming project. The project is small and the UX will be simple, but will be a fun excursion into a new industry for The Artificial.

First, though, we will spend next week in Serbia—all six of us are off to Resonate for some inspiration.