Week 148: The Mundane

| Hans Gerwitz

We’re having a calm period at the moment. There are two projects underway, but one is well ahead of schedule and the other is straightforward support during implementation of a very small product.

So the internal to-dos begin to bubble up to the top of my priorities. Here is what the glamorous life of a small agency director entails:

  • ordering furniture
  • paying invoices for the usual things, recent office painting, and income taxes
  • telling everyone how to load a dishwasher
  • following up on client leads, arranging meetings
  • fixing a bug in our homegrown intranet wiki
  • feeding digital cats
  • too much communication with client procurement offices
  • reconciling bank transactions
  • buying and installing a printer
  • helping with Javascript for a visualization project
  • documenting our payroll procedures
  • evaluating channels for posting job descriptions
  • researching tasteful advertising options for to [icon]