Choreographing a service for inmates and their loved ones

Corrio Messaging UX

Corrio is a company that helps reduce recidivism through services that support prisoners staying connected to the outside world. We worked with Corrio to tell their story to various users across many touchpoints.

The Corrio Experience Across Touchpoints

We choreographed multiple users' experiences across touchpoints.

Corrio had a history of customer satisfaction and wanted to expand their influence through new marketing materials and touchpoints for both incarcerated individuals to their loved ones and lawyers. We started by mapping these touchpoints out over time so that we could create a cohesive experience from discovery to conversion.

Gestural Design

We refined a design language that spoke to a vulnerable audience.

Designing for an incarcerated audience meant understanding the constraints imposed by prisons, the feelings and frustrations of inmates, and the challenges of communicating to a population that might not speak or read English. With Corrio’s expertise, we were able to create a series of comic illustrations to communicate emotive scenes around the connection that Corrio provides its users.

Corrio Identity
Corrio Identity

We created an experience that led from education to conversion.

We explored a handful of identities and visual language options to support the comic illustrations, and several different architectures and interaction models to support users in understanding and purchasing Corrio’s services.

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Corrio Brand Touchpoints

Artificial Team

Shannon E. Thomas, Hans Gerwitz, Natalia Bourges, Kamila Piątkowska