A Little Bit of Context

Who We Are & What We Do


Rather than breaking design into specializations like research, interaction, or visual design, Artificial Design takes a holistic approach that blends disciplines through the creative process. By considering "how it works" and "how it feels" simultaneously, the experience design stays in harmony.

Generative & Reductive

The Artificial Design process seeks to explore possible solutions, gather input, and synthesize to the best option or options. This process repeats at large and small scales until a product is shipped, and then repeats.


It can be a challenge to mesh design processes with lean businesses, agile software teams, or careful risk-reducing large-scale bureaucracies. I enjoy taking on these challenges to show how design can contribute to everyone's success.


To really design a system with purpose, a level of obsession is needed. Working for only a few hours and then shifting context to another project or a meeting costs much more than time spent. I focus on one product each day so that I can collect my thoughts while biking to work, eating lunch, or enjoying a dark & stormy.

Connected Products & Services

Consumer & Professional Health

UX for Emerging Technologies

Data Visualization for Enterprise

Artificial Design is Shannon E. Thomas and her network.

Shannon is a user experience designer and creative director with over ten years of global design experience. For the past five years she ran her own agency. Now freelance, Shannon relies on a carefully curated a network of freelancers and small agencies that can do just about anything.

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